Gummy Smile

If you have a gummy or short tooth smile we can help. In the ideal smile the upper lip sits just above the tops of the teeth. When the teeth are short or more gum tissue is exposed when smiling a disproportionate gum to tooth ratio leads to a gummy smile.


Crown lengthening or gum lift – Crown lengthening is usually performed to correct a “gummy” smile, or to expose more of the tooth prior to a restorative surgery. In some cases, the teeth look short and stubby and partly covered by gum tissue due to genetics or gingivitis. Excess gum tissue can easily be removed to reshape the outline of the gums, expose the natural tooth length, and provide a fuller, more attractive smile. The same procedure is also an excellent way to create a more aesthetic gumline for dental crowns and other restorative procedures.

Lip lowering – Lowering the upper lip so that it reveals less of the gum tissue when smiling is a convenient cosmetic plastic surgery. The band of attached tissue above the tooth and bottom of the lip must be sufficient enough to provide adequate reduction and continue to serve as firm and resilient tissue.