Digital Dental Impressions

Dental impressions are a common procedure used in dentistry, but if you are one of the many patients that absolutely can’t stand to have the traditional impression material sit in your mouth, you will be glad to know that yes, there is an alternative.

Our digital impression system, are used to take a digital “impression” of the teeth, rather than use the traditional gooey impression material that is necessary to obtain the final impression for a crown, bridge, veneer, or even orthodontic models.

When your dentist has completely prepared the teeth that require restoration, a wand is used to take a digital image of the teeth. Taking a digital impression of prepared teeth takes approximately a minute and a half, and an impression of the teeth in the opposite arch takes a mere 45 seconds.

The digital impression system creates an exact replica of what is in your mouth without some of the deformations and imperfections that traditional impressions incorporate. This results in a more accurate-fitting crown or bridge that require less time and adjustments in the dental chair because they fit so well.