Intra-oral Cameras

Intra-oral cameras have revolutionized the entire patient-education process as a patient can now sit comfortably in a chair and get a clear picture of ones tooth condition and make an informed decision before the condition gets worse. An intra-oral camera is a small pen sized tool attached to a computer or television monitor and comes with a disposable plastic sheath for contamination prevention. An intra-oral camera helps a dentist to take a video of the inside of the mouth of a patient. The video is then transmitted via a cable to a TV screen and can be viewed by both the patient and the dentist.

What is it like when using an intra-oral camera?

  • The dentist places a tiny camera in the patient’s mouth.
  • The camera can be moved easily and painlessly around the patient’s mouth.
  • The camera takes pictures of the teeth and gums.
  • The images of the teeth and gums are transmitted to a TV screen enabling the dentist and the patient to have a clearer view of the images.
  • The dentist analyzes the images and suggests treatment to the patient.
  • The displayed images give a clear picture to the patient to understand the condition of his teeth and gums.
  • These images can even be used later for further examination.

What are the advantages of an intra-oral camera?
– An intra oral camera reveals the early stages of any serious problem like cavity and gum diseases.
The patient gets a clear view of the oral condition of his mouth and this helps him make an informed decision.
It also gives a realistic picture of a patient’s regular dental hygiene; this enables the dentist to suggest steps to improve it.
– A patient can benefit by getting acquainted with a problem in its early stage.
The pictures taken by the camera can be viewed by both the patient and the dentist and can be used later for a more thorough examination.
– The images can be magnified and show excellent detail.