Forms and Instructions

Patient Forms
Download Heritage Oak Dental Office PDF forms here. Please see our New Patient Tab for Adult and Child complete new patient packets.

Pre-procedure Instructions
These instructions are here to help our patients before they even show up for the appointment. Please refer to these pre-operative instructions in regards to sedation dentistry.

Unless otherwise instructed, take all medications that your physician, as well as your dentist have prescribed with a small sip of water.

Please brush your teeth before each appointment and refrain from eating immediately before. You will always be given local anesthesia (numbing medicine) for your dental surgery unless requested not too. If you are unclear about anything, please ask your doctor.

Our goal is to provide you with a safe, pleasant and effective anesthetic. In order to do this, it is imperative that we have your full cooperation. Please feel free to ask any questions concerning your dental surgery and/or anesthetic.

Post-procedure Instructions
These instructions are here to help our patients after they have received excellent dental treatment at Heritage Oak Dental. Please refer to these post-operative instructions in regards to your dental treatment and after care.

* Women please note: Some antibiotics may interfere with the effectiveness of your birth control pills. Please check with your pharmacist.
** Consult with your primary care physician, pharmacist, and dental team regarding your medications before and after care.
***These instructions are for patients who have or will undergo dental procedures and are used in conjunction with oral and written instructions from your dental team.