Conscious Sedation Pre-Operative Instructions

Conscious sedation is often referred to as sleep or twilight dentistry

In preparation:

    Do not eat any solid foods for 6 hours prior to your appointment.
    You may drink small amounts of clear liquids up to 3 hours prior to your appointment. (apple juice, clear broth, water)
    Take any medications you normally would take with a small amount of water.
    Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing with short sleeves.
    Leave jewelry and watches at home.
    No contact lenses.
    A responsible adult will need to escort you home from the office.
    Arrange to have the entire day off. Limit your activities for the day. Make arrangements to have help with children or pets.

Your comfort, convenience and safety are our primary concerns. Following these instructions will allow you to have the best experience. If you have any questions, please call the office.