Fluoride Tray At-Home Use Instructions

What is Fluoride Trays?
Fluoride trays are custom fitted plastic trays made by your dentist to be filled with prescription fluoride gel to help control decay and strengthening teeth structures.

Why use fluoride Trays?
Because of your high need to prevent or control dental decay, or reduce tooth sensitivity, it is recommended that you use fluoride daily. Documented research found that the use of these trays and fluoride will prevent new decay almost totally and will slow down currently present decay. Additionally, it will desensitize sensitive tooth root surfaces. However, you must be consistent in carrying out the treatment daily.

Who should use fluoride tray?

    Head and neck radiation patients are at a lifelong risk for tooth decay due to the reduction in their saliva.
    Patients with decreased salivary flow from medication, sjogren’s syndrome, or other causes.
    Patients with teeth sensitivity.
    Patients at high risk for caries.

Fluoride Trays Instructions:

    One application should be made before bed each night.
    Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly to remove plaque completely.
    Load each tray with about five to six drops of fluoride gel, spacing the drops equally. This is a medication requiring a prescription from your dentist, if you run out of the material, call us for a refill.
    Dry the mouth by swallowing several times.
    Place the fluoride tray(s) into your mouth seating them completely.
    Expectorate (spit out) the excess fluoride.
    Leave the trays and fluoride in your mouth for 10 minutes and do not swallow.
    Remove the trays, wash the trays out with water, and place them upside down in a convenient place to let them drain out and dry before the next use. Return to provided storage container.
    Do not eat, drink, brush, or rinse for 1 hr after use.