IV or General Anesthesia Pre-Operative Instructions

    Do not eat or drink anything for 8 hours before your scheduled surgery. Your previous
    meal should be light and easily digestible.
    Diabetic patients should consult with their doctor about specific directions regarding insulin dosage.
    Please wear a short sleeve shirt and loose-fitting clothes. Dress as comfortably as possible and bring a sweater for after surgery.
    If you wear contact lenses, bring a container and remove them prior to your surgery.
    Please remove all jewelry prior to arriving.
    You may, under no circumstances, drive an automobile until 24 hours after the surgery.
    Be sure a responsible person comes with you on the day of your surgical appointment.
    Minors must be accompanied by parents or legal guardian. Plan to have someone
    stay with you all day after the surgery.
    If you are taking any prescription or non-prescription medications, inform the doctor.
    You should take your normal medication unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.
    Take any medication that the doctor has prescribed for you at the designated time.
    Dentures must be removed at the time of surgery.
    Do not smoke or consume alcohol 24 hours before your appointment
    Do not plan to fly or scuba dive within the week following your surgery.