Root Canal Therapy Post-Operative Instructions

Your Root Canal treatment may take one or more visits to complete. During treatment, we will remove the diseased pulp (nerve), then clean, shape and fill the space where the pulp was (the nerve canal of the tooth; which is in the root). The filling material is specially designed for this purpose, to help prevent recontamination of the nerve chamber.

What to Expect During Treatment:

    Because cleaning the root canals may cause inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tooth, you may experience some discomfort for a day or so.
    Some initial minor swelling may also occur. It is advisable to place an ice bag on the outside of the face that corresponds to the site of the tooth. Alternate 15 minutes on and 10 minutes off for at least two to three hours. If the swelling should linger more than a few days, or increases, call us!
    Over-the-counter pain relievers usually assist with the discomfort. We will advise you as to which medicine to take. At times, a prescription pain medication will be suggested. If the discomfort continues for more than a few days, or if severe pain occurs, call us!
    Sometimes antibiotics will be prescribed to help control infection. It is very important that you take the medication as directed!

How To Take care of your mouth:

    Between appointments, a temporary filling will be placed over the entry to the nerve space. Because temporary restorations may loosen, call us if there is significant loss of this filling.
    Avoid chewing or biting with excessive force directly on the treated tooth, until we complete the root canal.
    Do not ignore brushing and flossing this tooth; as comfort allows.
    Do not delay final permanent restorative treatment as this could make the root canal worthless

Please Note:
Retreatment may occasionally be necessary. Even though the pulp of the tooth was removed, the tooth is still nourished from surrounding tissues. As with any living tissue, treatment is occasionally unsuccessful and retreatment or even tooth removal may be indicated.

Instructional Videos:
Post-op Instructions for a Root Canal