Watch That Puck!


Here at Heritage Oak Dental we see our share of excitement, but it’s probably nothing compared to what our colleagues in the National Hockey League are accustomed to!


That’s right – every NHL team has at least one dentist on staff. During games they take care of the home team and the visitors! According to Dr. Bill Blair, President of the NHL Team Dentists Association, the first priority is always, “Immediate relief of pain; hockey players are paid to play hockey. It is our job to get them back on the ice as soon and as quickly as possible.” That may explain the Swiss cheese smiles many hockey players seem to have!


Jaromir Jagr of the New York Rangers lost three teeth after suffering a blow to the face during a game. He continued to play, and even scored a late goal to lead his team to victory. According to The Bleacher Report, Jagr gave a post-game interview with teeth that “looked like broken-out windows in a haunted house.”


Tomas Tatar of the Detroit Red Wings has lost the same three teeth on four different occasions. He stayed in the game every time.


“Hockey pucks are pretty nasty,” says Dr. Bob Orta, team dentist for the Tampa Bay Lightning. “They’re frozen solid, coming at you at 100 miles per hour. That can really do some damage to a face.”


Even if you are not in the NHL, sports of all types can be dentally dangerous. It’s estimated that over 5 million teeth are lost every year to sports injuries at all levels of play. As more players wear mouth guards and other protective shields, the number of dental and other facial injuries has been on the decline.


If you or your child plan to engage in any kind of sports activity, we encourage you to contact us at Heritage Oak Dental at 916-626-4050. We can advise you on the best type of mouth guard to protect your teeth and mouth. Be sure to call us with all of your other dental needs too. We’re here for you!


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